Enabling children to grow up in a home without violence. Giving patients with a rare brain tumour the best possible chance of recovery. Enabling people with schizophrenia to participate in society.

About us

The Guido Fluri Foundation pursues three goals that are all connected to founder Guido Fluri’s own life story. The entrepreneur established the Foundation in 2010. It is self-financed and brings all of its projects to fruition without external fundraising.

All of the Foundation’s initiatives aim to profoundly improve the individual life circumstances of those affected. This includes: strengthening families so that children can grow up in a home without violence; facilitating transparency and progress in medicine to give those with a rare type of brain tumour the best possible chance of recovery; providing support to family caregivers, so that people with schizophrenia can participate in society.

The Guido Fluri Foundation came to public attention in 2014 with the launch of the reparations initiative, the purpose of which was to obtain financial compensation for Verdingkinder (children who were subjected to child indentured servitude) and victims of compulsory social measures, and to facilitate a scientific reappraisal of the historical situation. In 2015, the Federal Parliament adopted a counter-proposal that included the core points of the initiative.

Other well-known projects of the Foundation are the IGAN Interest Group for those affected by acoustic neuroma, the KESCHA advisory hub for people in conflict with Switzerland’s Child and Adult Protection Authority (CAPA), the information and counselling platform Living with Schizophrenia, and the European Justice Initiative.


Guido Fluri’s commitment to society began in 2007 with the launch of the interest group IGAN. He founded the Guido Fluri Foundation in 2010 and has since been supporting people who are affected in the Foundation’s three focus areas: “Taking action against brain tumours”, “Violence against children” and “Living with schizophrenia”.



Interest Group Acoustic Neuroma (IGAN)

In just five years, IGAN has become the leading platform in Europe for people affected by acoustic neuroma, and for people and institutions who are involved in research and treatment for this type of brain tumour. The website receives over 5 million hits and over 250,000 visitors a year.

May 2011

The Guido Fluri Foundation acquires the former Mümliswil children’s home


The “Social Integration with Schizophrenia” network is launched.

The network aims to raise awareness of schizophrenia in society and to make it easier for individuals and their families to live with the condition.

May 2013

Opening of the Verdingkinder Memorial Children’s Home – the first national memorial of its kind in Switzerland

The former Mümliswil children’s home opens its doors as the first memorial site for Verdingkinder and former residents of children’s homes in Switzerland. Acquired by the Guido Fluri Foundation about two years earlier, the building was converted into a memorial. It provides visitors with an insight into the former failings and abuse perpetrated in the institution. The memorial includes an extensive exhibition that illustrates the findings of the historical reappraisal commissioned by the Foundation.

September 2016

Adoption of the counter-proposal

Following National Council approval, the Council of States adopts the Federal Council’s counter-proposal, which provides compensation to the tune of 300 million Swiss francs for the victims. It also includes measures to enable the nation to come to terms with this dark period in its history. The initiators withdraw their initiative, as the counter-proposal provides more immediate help for the elderly and infirm victims. The reparations initiative thus draws to a successful close.

Image: Keystone

March 2019

The Pope apologises to Swiss abuse victims

For the first time in history, the Pope receives a group of Swiss victims of abuse. During this private audience, which came about thanks to the efforts of the Guido Fluri Foundation, the head of the Catholic Church asks for forgiveness. He endorses the zero tolerance approach demanded by the victims. The meeting is an important sign to the victims that the Church fully recognises the substantial suffering inflicted on them within the Church setting.

Foto: Servizio Fotografico - Vatican Media

Image: Servizio Fotografico - Vatican Media

September 2021

Launch of the Justice Initiative

At an international meeting in Switzerland, victims’ groups from all over Europe launch the large-scale “Justice Initiative”. For the first time ever, this political initiative facilitates comprehensive, pan-European tackling of child abuse, especially instances that have taken place in state and church institutions. The European initiative is supported by the Guido Fluri Foundation.

April 2022

National hotline is launched

The platform is the online reporting centre against sexual violence against children and young people. It offers children, young people and parents affected by abuse, as well as professionals and teachers, an easy way to report websites with criminal, paedophilic content.


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